Fire Safe Council Projects

Fire Prevention Education and Training
We sponsor events designed to educate the public on how to lower the risk of wildfires.

Community Chipping

​​We run community chipping days where residents can bring their cut branches and bushes to a central site for chipping and recycling. The chips are available to take back for spreading out on your property to act as a mulch and slow down weed growth. See " Events " on this site for a current schedule and a few simple rules.

Fuel Reduction
Over the last 18 years we have reduced the fuel load and wildfire risks along major roads that are potential evacuation routes in Valley Center: Lilac Road, West Lilac Road, Couser Canyon Road, Old Castle Road, Woods Valley Road and Paradise Mountain Road. More such projects are in the planning stages.

Defensible Space
We provide education on how to improve the chances of your property surviving a wildfire, WHEN (not if) a wildfire arrives in your neighborhood.    

Fire Blocking Gel Distribution and Maintenance
In partnership with Barricade International, Inc., we promote the use of Fire Blocking Gels and help residents obtain and maintain stocks of these materials that, when used in conjunction with proper building preparations and defensible space creation, can greatly enhance the survivability of buildings in a wildfire.

Community Warning and Information Signs

​As part of out educational effort, we have placed fire danger warning signs at the entrances to our community.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is a plan developed at the community level in areas at-risk of wildfire. They are created in collaboration with community members, fire agencies operating in the area, local government, and other interested stakeholders.

Valley Center has a CWPP.

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          The Greater Valley Center Fire Safe Council (GVCFSC) was formed by a group of concerned citizens in early 2008, in a meeting at the Rincon Reservation Fire Department, with the moonscape of the Poomacha Fire burn surrounding the site. The importance of fire prevention having been forcefully driven home, since that time the group has dedicated its self to minimizing the wildfire risk in Valley Center and surrounding areas.
    Over the years, the organization has targeted critical areas in the community for vegetation clearance programs, completing projects along roads that will be used as evacuation routes out of the community. These projects include Lilac Road (twice), Old Castle Road, Woods Valley Road, Paradise Mountain Road and parts of the Old Guejito Grade. Currently the organization is looking forward to other similar projects in the community.
    As part of our community education program, we put on wildfire education classes and other events, bringing in noted experts to teach community members how to enhance the safety of themselves, their families, and their homes.

    An event that occurs regularly is our Community Chipping Day held the second Saturday of every even numbered month, where community members who are cutting trees and brush can bring their greenwaste and have it chipped and disposed of. As a side benefit, we also provide chips for residents to take home, allowing them to cover areas of their yards to deter weed growth.            
    Our partnership with Barricade International is dedicated to promoting the use of Fire Blocking Gels to enhance the safety of local residents and their homes and other buildings. Fire Blocking Gels are a tool that can greatly aid in the survivability of structures when they are directly threatened by wildfires, when combined with proper defensible space practices. For more information about Fire Blocking Gel, please see the FAQ, and also view their website.

  All of our funding is through donations and grants targeted to specific projects. The organization is a 501(c)(3) not for profit, and donations are tax deductible under IRS guidelines. If you would like to aid community fire safety efforts, please consider a donation to the group. All donations over $100 will receive a letter to be used to document the donation. Thank You !!

If interested in donating to, or working with the GVCFSC, pleasecontact them through this website

or email

or regular mail
29115 Valley Center Road, Suite K
Valley Center CA 92082

Remember : "Ready - Set - Gel and =GO !! "

Chipping days schedule for 2020 will be updated soon.

Chipping Days 2020 schedule will appear here soon

Greater Valley Center Fire Safe Council